Better employee care. Lower employer cost.

Omada moves patients along a digital fast-track to recovery by putting an on-demand physical therapy clinic in each employee's home.

Why Omada?

We work for anyone who who has a joint or muscle concern.

Licensed PTs

Treatment from licensed physical therapists who can diagnose and treat nearly all MSK conditions.

True convenience

Same-day care, works without extra equipment, dedicated PT throughout program, quicker recovery.

Care coordination

We are not a silo. We fit with traditional healthcare to support patients and coordinate care.

Musculoskeletal care is the 2nd biggest cost driver in healthcare.

6 Reasons Why Virtual Physical Therapy is Better for Treating Pain

Read our white paper that explains how we treat pain more effectively with virtual physical therapy.

When the right care choice is the easy one, everyone wins.

  • Overprescription of opioids

  • Unnecessary imaging

  • Costly injections

  • Preventable surgeries

Proven results.

Consistently better outcomes across all condition types and severity.
Graph showing 98% of patients showed improvement in their chief area of concern
Graph showing 61% total pain reduction for program patients
Graph showing 99% patient satisfaction with the recovery program

The first remote MSK solution validated by a cohort claims study.

See our claims-based cohort study on how we helped Activision-Blizzard improve care for their employees while significantly reducing overall costs for everyone involved.

Launch in under a week.

Omada takes care of the heavy lifting – from onboarding to engagement to reporting and more – making it easier for your company to get started.