Get back to doing the things you love

Convenient access to expert advice and monitored, therapeutic exercise. Better. Faster.

Physera provides convenient and early access for musculoskeletal care and wellbeing

Enabling and empowering proactive care

We believe exercise is medicine and that therapeutic exercise is a highly effective tool to reduce the high cost of unnecessary imaging and surgeries. Physera engages people at the earliest stages of pain with targeted exercises to keep them healthier.

Expertise-on-demand at home, office, or away

Physera is a brand new benefit design that - for the first time ever - enables employees to address their pain conveniently and proactively.

Early engagement makes sense

Physera is a mobile program that delivers therapeutic exercises and remote physical therapy for employees outside of the traditional care pathway. We provide “PT First” in order to prevent downstream complications and costs.

Employee Benefits

Convenient consultation with a top-tier Physical Therapist

Access on demand. >80% receive a PT consult in days

Custom therapeutic exercise program

Employer Benefits

Employees that are empowered to address their pain early on

Happier, healthier teams that are present and productive

Near term value and long term return (VOI, ROI), guaranteed

Partner with us to improve musculoskeletal health in these areas


Enable employees to address musculoskeletal problems earlier, on demand.


Work right, work smart — from day one.


Empower and accelerate return to work.

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