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A better way to treat & prevent pain.

Physera’s licensed physical therapists leverage technology to treat patients remotely, improve outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. Physera is physical therapy, simplified.

For Business

Businesses across the U.S. rely on Physera to provide their employees better, more convenient care for muscle & joint pain.

For Patients

Patients love Physera's dedicated physical therapists, exceptional care, and amazing convenience. Try it out for yourself.

A new kind of physical therapy.

Physera blends exceptional PTs, the best evidence-based care, and world-class convenience to bring patients and partners the best care on the market. No matter what the condition or concern, every patient with muscle or joint conditions can use Physera, and every patient will leave in a better place than when they started.
Video visit being conducted in the Physera app.

How it works.

Better relationships, better care.

Physera builds trust between patients and their physical therapists – resulting in a better experience for patients and better outcomes overall.

What does Physera treat?

We diagnose and treat nearly all muscle and joint issues.


Chronic, upper, lower, middle. We treat it all.

Hand / Wrist

Carpal tunnel, sore joints, and more.


Is it a tear or tendinitis? We have answers.


We'll get to the bottom of your hip pain.


Stiff necks and limited range of motion can be fixed.


Your shoulder is a workhorse. Keep it in tip top shape.

Foot / Ankle

Stop plantar fasciitis and recurring ankle sprains.


Don't let tennis elbow slow you down.


Address your joint pain and function. It can get better.

Trusted, caring PTs everywhere you are.

Physera's nationwide network of licensed physical therapists are exceptional to start. When coupled with our proprietary assistive technology and advanced training approach, the result is care you are unlikely to experience anywhere else.
  • Fewer than 1 of every 15 PT applicants pass our rigorous screening process.

  • Average over 10 years of real-world clinical experience.

  • 8x more likely to have advanced specialties than standard PTs.

  • Trained in remote diagnostic and treatment techniques.

Physera's the right fit.

Whether you’re trying to fix benefits for your employees or simply a patient who is looking for something better, Physera is the perfect fit for you.