What is Physera?

Physera is a brand new platform that helps individuals undergoing Physical Therapy get better faster through smart exercise tracking and improved communication with providers. With a core focus on convenience and engagement, Physera motivates people to accelerate recovery.

Physera was launched in the fall of 2016 by the team at Health Coda (more about us below).

We are big believers that Physera should be freely available to both consumers and providers. We launched the Physera app in the App Store and Google Play Store in August, 2016 and we have been actively engaging new users ever since! We also made Physera’s engine - a comprehensive database of Physical Therapy exercises - free and open to all.

Join us in supercharging Physical Therapy!

About Us

Health Coda uses technology, data and innovative care delivery approaches to improve health. We are rethinking areas of high cost, fee-for-service care and, drawing from team expertise in both health care (HHS, Allscripts, Gilead, Genentech) and consumer technology (Facebook, Google, Palantir, Yahoo), creating more effective end-to-end solutions. Health Coda is dedicated to delivering lower cost, higher quality care with accountability for outcomes. We also see enormous opportunity to leverage closed-loop machine learning to create better and more personal experiences for people and to raise the level of evidence for ‘real-world’ applications of health care.