Our mission.

Healthcare today is impersonal. It is optimized for quick visits, one-off procedures or prescriptions, and little if any ongoing support. Rarely are providers afforded enough time to help their patients truly understand their condition or the steps they should take to get and stay better. While this may work for some, it is extremely challenging for those in need of ongoing support.

Our mission is to refocus care around patient-provider relationships, giving providers the tools and time they need to provide truly personalized care for everyone. With Physera by Omada, providers are able to partner with their patients to create achievable care plans that can be conveniently completed from anywhere while ensuring continuous communication and support throughout.

Our history.

Physera was founded in 2015 by Dan Rubinstein and Cameron Marlow with a goal of building technology to help the healthcare system more successfully use its data to treat patients. Having spent years working with expansive data sets in Silicon Valley, it was clear to them that there was an opportunity to use healthcare data more effectively to assist both providers and patients in improving care results.

In 2016, a shoulder injury brought Cameron into contact with Todd Norwood, a brilliant physical therapist who himself was looking for ways to improve care delivery. Many long talks impressed on Dan and Cameron that in addition to better use of data, there was also a need to use technology to improve the practice and delivery of care. From that point on Physera has focused on building a world-class care experience for both providers and patients, starting with the treatment of muscle and joint pain. Physera quickly brought together a team of medical, digital health, consumer technology, and data science experts, and by 2017 was delivering fully remote care for muscle and joint pain to patients across the country.

Today, Physera is part of the Omada family and counts a number of the country's largest companies and biggest healthcare insurers as its clients – making it easily accessible to millions of Americans. As the first remote musculoskeletal solution validated by a claims-based cohort study, Physera by Omada has positioned itself as a leader in the field, and the safest choice for businesses everywhere.

Let's work together.

We partner with businesses across the United States to provide their employees better, more convenient care for muscle and joint pain. We'd love to work with you too! Simply schedule a demo to get started.