Physera Research Study

Thanks for your interest. The study is investigating the effectiveness of remote, app-based care for treating pain.

Pain Is Different For Everyone

The study employs expert health coaches, targeted exercise, and an easy to use health app to uniquely address your pain.

Reduce Pain

Targeted exercise has been shown to significantly reduce pain.

Engage Anywhere

Use the app from home, work, or wherever is most convenient.

Lasting Relief

Learn techniques to maintain pain reduction long after the program.

Good fit?

If each of these statements is true for you, then you are a great candidate.

  • I have never been diagnosed with a heart condition.

  • I do not feel pain in my chest when I perform physical activity.

  • In the past month, I have not had chest pain at any time.

  • I do not experience dizziness or fainting spells.

  • I do not have bone or joint problems that could be made worse by a change in physical activity.

  • I do not take medication for blood pressure.

What To Expect

Start with
a video visit

Same day or next day visits with an expert coach

recovery plan

Designed to address the source of your pain, not the symptoms


Voice-led to ensure proper pacing and technique


Your coach supports you every step on your path to recovery

Interested In Taking Part?

By enrolling, you'll receive six weeks of health coach led care at no cost to you.