Efficacy of Virtual Treatment for MSK Conditions

Join us on Tuesday, Aug 13th at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET for our August webinar with our Director of Clinical Services, Todd Norwood.
Man watching webinar on desktop monitor.

Learn Why Virtual Treatment Works

Digital technologies are improving industries and businesses alike, but change in healthcare has been slow. Yet, when new technology has been adopted in healthcare, efficiencies and effectiveness improved. This is especially true in MSK.
In this interactive session, Todd Norwood will take you through some common misconceptions surrounding virtual MSK treatment, and share how digital technologies help our team provide better, more accessible care.
    • Learn about common misconceptions around virtual MSK treatment

    • Receive an in-depth look at how Physera uses digital technologies to improve MSK care

    • See the research on the overall efficacy of virtual treatment for MSK