Improve your posture in 3 simple steps.

Get an expert posture assessment to help you live, work, and whatever else in greater comfort.
Physera app screen showing posture assessment.

Pick an activity

Any and everything can be evaluated. Doing something fairly often? Make sure you are using the right posture.

Person sitting at a desk.


Do you sit at a desk most days or do repetitive tasks at work?


Sports are tricky at any age so be sure to practice good form.


Mowing the lawn, washing dishes, or any number of everyday tasks.

Person holding a smartphone.

Take photos

Provide a couple of different views for how you do the activity. Profile and slight angle from the front are usually the best.

Profile photo

A photo from your side that shows your full body as well as the activity.

Front angle photo

A photo halfway between your side and front that shows your full body as well as the activity.


Get feedback

Receive expert feedback within one business day with details on where you can improve.

Person working with a tablet.

Better posture today.

Small changes today can have a big impact on future health. Take the time to improve your posture and you won't regret it.