Feel better everywhere, everywhere

Get an expert ergonomics assessment to help you live, work, and whatever else in greater comfort.

You being you, more comfortably

Just snap one or more photos of you doing what you do – photos from the side work best like the ones shown below. Our expert physical therapists, assisted by image recognition technology, then review your photos, and send you back a posture corrected image along with tips to help you do what you do, more comfortably.

Standing working

Ensure proper back and wrist posture for your standing desk setup.

Seated working

Backs, hips, wrists, shoulders, and more are affected by your seated desk posture.

Couch working

Work from the couch while watching Netflix? So do we!

Table working

We also work from coffee shops and cafeterias.


Car commuters and other road warriors often benefit from having improved driving posture (though this won't help with the traffic).


Wake up feeling sore? Simple corrections to the way you lay while falling asleep can help.


Improve your standing posture and impress the yoga teacher in your life with your perfect tadasana.


Proper seat height, seat angle, and handlebar position can make your time in the saddle much more comfortable.

Ready to start feeling better?

Send in your photos of you being you. And don't worry if your activity isn't listed above. Our experts will apply their extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal health to help you do whatever you're doing with greater comfort.