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Musculoskeletal care is the 2nd biggest cost driver in healthcare.

Graph showing that musculoskeletal is the 2nd biggest national healthcare cost driver.

Physera prevents unnecessary care.

By triaging participants as soon as they have a concern, Physera is able to treat and/or direct care appropriately prior to wasted medical spend.
  • Overprescription of opioids

  • Unnecessary imaging

  • Costly injections

  • Preventable surgeries

Evidence-backed and trusted.

Clinically validated

Study after study shows the clinical efficacy of remote physical therapy, and Physera results are even better.

The best PTs

Physera has a rigorous hiring and training protocol. Only 1 in 10 applicants meet our requirements.

Responsible care

Participants work with their PT every step of the way – resulting in a safe and highly adherent program.

Award from employer health innovation roundtable for growth in the fall of 2018.

A growing number of high profile companies rely on Physera for care.

Save money while improving your employees' lives.

Participants who use Physera receive better, more convenient care at a fraction of the cost.
Graphs showing Physera's success in reducing costs and improving outcomes.
Employer working together with Physera to build better healthcare.

Partner with us.

Physera takes care of the heavy lifting – from onboarding to engagement to reporting and more – making it easier for your company to get started.