We feel your pain points.

Physera reduces pain, speeds recovery and provides lasting relief — improving employee productivity and keeping health care costs lower.

Musculoskeletal care is a top cost driver

  • Overprescription of opioids

    3x increase over the last decade

  • Unnecessary imaging

  • Costly injections

  • Preventable surgeries

The impact of pain goes beyond just the person affected

Loss of concentration, reduced availability, ongoing frustration... When one of your employees is suffering, everyone they work with is impacted.

Targeted Therapy Works


less opioid use


fewer injections


less imaging


better outcomes

Physera is built to remove the obstacles.

  • We have the best physical therapists

    World class physical therapists with specialized training in cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • Smart Technology

    Artificial intelligence to help the PTs pick even more targeted exercises with an even higher likelihood of success (quicker pain reduction, faster recovery).

  • Anytime. Anywhere.

    App-guided workouts make it easy for participants to keep the right pace and posture from virtually anywhere.

Physera Gets Results

2.5x adherence increase

60% reduction in pain

Better long-term outlook

Same-day visits

Partner With Us

We take care of all the heavy lifting (marketing, onboarding, and more) so you can just sit back and enjoy the benefits.