COVID-19 support

Patients are social distancing, clinics are temporarily closing, and physical therapists are looking for ways to help their patients. Physera has taken immediate steps to support patients and our PT community.

Expand patient access

Now more than ever many Americans are in urgent need of access to physical therapy care. Clinics have been closed across the country, elective knee and back surgeries are being canceled to redirect medical resources to life-saving activities, and patients in need of physical therapy are being asked to stay home to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Physera is taking steps to address these issues by working to expand access to virtual physical therapy.

Immediate patient access

For the first time, anyone can sign up for virtual physical therapy with Physera – available at a significant discount to support patients in need.

Expand insurance coverage

Americans seek care covered by their health plan. However, coverage for virtual physical therapy is rare. Physera is working to change that.

Help PTs go virtual

We are sharing our expertise with any PT who wants it in hopes of helping them continue to treat their patients virtually during COVID-19.

Share virtual expertise

The current medical care crisis is temporarily changing how we all work and live. Physical therapists across the country have to rethink how they deliver services in the short-term by starting to connect with patients online. Physera has practiced virtual physical therapy for years, and we're sharing that expertise to help physical therapy practitioners transition to virtual care delivery.

Partnering with APTA

Our clinical experts partnered with the American Physical Therapy Association to provide thousands of PTs direction on how to set up telehealth for their practice.

More Virtual Resources

We're working on adding additional resources to help PTs implement virtual physical therapy for their patients now – based on questions we've received (will be available this week).

  • Video with tips on remote diagnosis
  • Virtual physical therapy FAQ